Erika Obrietan

Erika Obrietan, BSN, RN

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Erika Obrietan is a valuable part of our team on 7S. Her experience as an ICU nurse and her work as a research nurse, make her well qualified for supporting her colleagues and study staff. Erika is always willing to step up and flex her schedule, even work on days off if needed.

She is continuously complimented by study staff, subjects and their families for her kind and patient demeanor and for the comfort she provides. One said, “She went out of her way to help our study when we were understaffed, making sure we had everything we needed, and continued to be helpful even after our staffing problems resolved.”

With her experience on another unit, Erika has been an enthusiastic proponent of our switch to ORCA and continues to be a helpful resource. Her critical thinking skills are topnotch but it is her consistent caring and compassion that make her a deserving Honoree of the DAISY Award.

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