Doug Brill

Doug Brill, RN

Med Surg
Tillamook Regional Medical Center
Tillamook, Oregon
United States

Doug leads by great example and was always willing to share his experiences and knowledge. Many of his experiences I carry with me in hopes when I face that situation – I will remember his advice. He has always been very approachable and has never made me feel stupid when asking questions. He has a way of always being cheerful but yet professional – making Doug a unique team player. As a preceptor he is very attentive and is always looking out for the safety of the patient – in any given situation he knows what is going on in his surroundings.

One of the many things I have admired about Doug is his devotion to being a good nurse and helping out whenever possible. A call light rings and he doesn’t wait for the C.N.A. to come around to tell him the patient needs to use the restroom, he does it himself. Whenever another nurse needs help, he is willing to give a lending hand but yet, he will never jeopardize his own patients and has great way of saying no when needed if he has too much on his own plate but will follow up with his co-workers when he has a free moment. He is a trustworthy co-worker that everyone can depend on (and that shows) and even more so, a trustworthy nurse. Most of all, he is an excellent teacher but has no idea what an impact he makes on other nurses (especially new ones).

All in all, Doug Brill has always been someone that I looked up to as a nurse and I think he is very deserving of The DAISY Award.

Congratulate Doug Brill