Devon Icaza

Devon Icaza, RN

Dominican Hospital
Santa Cruz, California
United States

Nominated by the family of a patient she cared for in the intensive care unit, Devon said she was, “just doing what I do every day – I was just being who I am.”

This family described Devon as tireless in her ability to work with the patient, even when he was difficult. Devon always treated him with compassion, demonstrated respect and acceptance. She was there to offer support and understanding when the family had to make the difficult decision about whether it was time for comfort care. She updated them on the patient’s progress, encouraging all of the family to be in the ICU as much as they wanted to be to say their good-byes.

The patient’s daughter summed it up best when she said, “We can’t thank her enough for making this journey endurable.”

Devon cared for Adoree Coder’s husband, who suffered from dementia, during the final days of his life. The family attended the DAISY Award presentation to honor the nurse they said “touched their lives. What she did is still with us to this day,” said Jim Coder, the patient’s son.

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