Devaki Suppiah

Devaki Suppiah

Devaki Suppiah, RN

Gynecology/Oncology - D3-2
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
United States

D3-2 multidisciplinary team would like to nominate Devaki Suppiah for the DAISY Award.

We strongly believe that Devaki has demonstrated all the attributes required to truly deserve the DAISY award, indicated by what her patients, nursing colleagues and the whole multidisciplinary team think about her. Devaki is a multitalented nurse who could flourish in many aspects as a high professional including but not limited to; evidence based quality patient care, strong leadership skills, teamwork, unique level flexibility and availability, in addition to her role as preceptor, mentor and teacher for many staff and students who benefit from her wealthy knowledge.

Devaki Suppiah is Nurse in D3-2 is professional, confident and indeed very knowledgeable nurse. Devaki's role as nurse includes primary nurse and charge nurse. She encompasses the hospital values and mission in all her daily activities. She is being working for KFSHRC for 10 years, and constantly possesses the qualities set by KFSHRC. Furthermore, she is the quality representative for our unit, and makes sure we score good result for the NDNQI.

She has approachable positive attitude, friendly personality which everyone around her enjoys, in addition put comforts patients heart, when they are most in need of kindness through the difficult times. As a result many times we have her colleagues witness patients and families asking for Devaki to take care of them. We had patient who was going through difficult time as she was diagnosed with cancer and she asked for Devaki to be her nurse, due to excellent care, kindness, reassurance and emotional and spiritual support provided by Devaki.

Devaki has multiple experiences which she is very willing to share with her co-workers and resource for new staff. She motivates staff to work together in supportive network, she involves in all areas when in-charge well aware of co-workers and patients' needs when her support is needed, no matter how busy the day may be everyone feels confident, when Devaki is charge. She is a good decision maker which makes her leadership outstanding and as a result makes her colleagues feel highly comfortable.

Devaki's leadership brings tranquility, professionalism, knowledge, teamwork, patient centered care, collaborations, and caring therefore due to top qualities mentioned her co-workers and patients as well as families feel the support within the unit when Devaki is in charge. As communication is key role in Nursing, she has excellent communication skills with all levels within the multidisciplinary team. She always ensures that she communicates well with all staff to make sure safety of patients and stress free environment for her colleagues.

Her professionalism, knowledge and great support is enjoyed by all staff as well as patients. She provided best quality care to the patients, by providing them with support, ensuring patient satisfaction and dignity of patients and families. She advocates for the patients, by making sure they get the best care they need, by always using her critical thinking based on evidence based practices. Furthermore, she treats all her colleagues equally regardless of the differences, respects all cultures and religion. This encourages patients and their families to approach her for counselling, due to her support, honesty, professionalism and knowledge.

We all appreciate Devaki and fortunate to have her as a colleague. As her co-workers, we would like to feel how she is appreciated, as we strongly believe she qualified as the deserving winner for this award.

Congratulate Devaki Suppiah