Della Dean

Della Dean

Della Dean, RN

PNH Outpatient Infusion Center
Piedmont Newnan Hospital
Newnan, Georgia
United States

Since May 2012 to present I receive infusions twice weekly. Della Dean is a godsend in my life. She takes the most extraordinary care of me each time I visit the infusion center. Her grace and compassion, along with her amazing skills and wisdom, truly make all the difference in my care. I am in awe every single time that I see her interact with a patient, comfort a caregiver, assist a team member, or start an IV on my impossible veins! She is always kind and gentle and does whatever it takes to ensure that all of her patients receive the very best possible care.

Della is not only a gifted nurse; she is also an exceptional leader. Because of her guidance at the infusion center, there is a sense of camaraderie and compassion among the staff. They work together wonderfully and go above and beyond in caring for their patients, always with kindness and genuine concern for our well being. In 13 years of treatment, I have been to many healthcare facilities. There is no place like the Piedmont Newnan Infusion Center. Della and her team are the heart and soul of this grace-filled place.

In addition to the outstanding care that she provides, Della makes a point of connecting with her patients about our lives beyond the hospital. For years, she has asked about my kindergarten classes, sweetly looking at their pictures and listening to their stories. A few months ago, I was told that I would have to leave my teaching job because of my health. Della listened patiently, hugged me when I cried, and assured me that she was excited about the next chapter of my life. By the time we finished talking, I was, too! She then made plans to visit my classroom and read to my students. It was such a joy to see her "love on" them, as she says, just as beautifully as she loves on all of her patients.

I am continually amazed at the lengths to which Della will go to provide the very best care. She has stayed late to talk with my doctor and called me at home to discuss my treatment, long after she should have been home herself. One year ago this month, she even postponed a well-deserved vacation in order to take care of her patients. As it turned out, I needed IV antibiotics and she took care of me for all ten days; first at the infusion center and then at the hospital on Memorial Day weekend. At the time, she was working seven days a week and she certainly deserved to be at the beach with her family instead of working another weekend. But she took such wonderful care of me that I felt like I was the one on vacation!

Della Dean is a person who can always be counted on to do the right thing. Her beautiful spirit of generosity and grace inspires me every time that I am in her presence. She consistently provides exemplary care with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Her thoughtfulness and commitment to nursing are precious gifts to her patients. I thank God every day for Nurse Della and appreciate your consideration of my nomination of this truly extraordinary nurse.

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