DeAnn Wilson

DeAnn Wilson

DeAnn Wilson, RN

Mercy Kids Plastic Surgery
Mercy Hospital St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
United States

Our daughter is a medical mystery - she doesn't fit any known overgrowth syndrome, but has some features of Beckwith Weidemann including macroglossia. She recently had a tongue reduction. I could go on and on about DeAnn's kindness, professionalism, encouragement, availability - but this is about what else she did even beyond all that.

Our genetics doctor asked for a tissue sample of the excised tongue to be preserved and sent to her in New Hampshire for DNA study. DeAnn made it her mission to find a way to make this possible. She made tons of phone calls to NH, coordinated needed materials, packed it up herself and made sure it got overnighted to NH. Then we all did a happy dance together when it arrived. This saved our daughter from undergoing a biopsy and gave her genetics team what they needed. DeAnn has gone above and beyond to help us solve the mystery that is our girl.

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