Charlene Mendenhall

Charlene Mendenhall, RN, ADN

Palmetto Health Richland
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

I would like to nominate RN Charlene Mendenhall from the Murray unit/department as a deserving recipient of The DAISY Award.
For five straight days, 12-hour shifts, Nurse Charlene Mendenhall cared for my husband without complaining once. Tiredness only came to her eyes; but her infectious smile and zest for her work overshadowed any trace of the imaginable wear on her body. Her spirit for his care is unsurpassed. She was very compassionate when my husband had continuous breathing problems. She spoke to both of us calmly about his condition, brought in the machine to monitor his breathing and kept checking to see that he was stable and comfortable. As busy as she was, she never failed to address our concerns in a most timely, and considerate fashion. When my husband was scheduled for a procedure or a test, Nurse Mendenhall did an excellent job of explaining to us what would happen and what to expect. She either answered our questions on the spot or got the answer for us. She never failed to show up with medications according to the schedule she gave us. She always explained any new development or change made by a doctor. She was extremely professional at all times. Meticulously dressed, she carried out her duties with the same precision every day. She was always friendly and upbeat, yet she never stood around wasting time. She never failed to check the computer and then get a verbal ID from my husband when administering medications. If we had a question about a medication, she double checked to assure us that it was doctors’ orders. She always came in at the change of shifts, introduced us to the new nurse and gave a brief synopsis of why we were there. I am sure that information was in my husband’s chart; however, it made us feel very secure knowing that the new nurse in charge was on top of our situation.

On August 21, there was a shortage of nurse techs on duty. Nurse Mendenhall bathed and dressed my husband and changed his bed. Never did she leave him unattended in the absence of help. In the past, RNs have not done this. We were really amazed at her unselfish acts in making him comfortable. Not once did I hear Nurse Mendenhall complain about her job or about any person with whom she worked. Her attitude was impeccable. For five days straight, she maintained outstanding moral and ethical principles. Her character and honesty was our best judge of her integrity. Nurse Mendenhall’s conduct and speech was always indicative of self-respect. She was always cordial and formal to us as well as to others in the hallways. On more than one occasion I saw her helping an elderly person down the hall, sharing a laugh with another employee, assisting employees from other floors, speaking with doctors, or even heading to the lunch area with co-workers. In all situations, she was poised and up-beat. She was always happy and giving and carried herself in a dignified manner. When the Chaplain on duty was visiting with my husband, she entered the room very humbly, greeted him respectfully and quietly announced that she would return. On several occasions, other staff members commented on her great work ethics and friendliness. Without reservation, we recommend RN Charlene Mendenhall for the coveted DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

Congratulate Charlene Mendenhall