Carrie Vandre

Carrie Vandre

Carrie Vandre, ADN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital

Carrie is an extremely compassionate and caring nurse. She is always there to help her coworkers and continually fosters a team spirit. I was caring for an OB patient that had a stroke. It was necessary to take the baby by c-section and the mother was transferred to CCU due to the stroke and severe limitations. Mom and baby were separated-Mom in CCU and baby in NICU. Carrie had the patient several days in a row and came in on her day off to accompany the mother to NICU so she could hold her infant. Carrie was so gentle and kind with the mother. Carrie knew that the nurse working day shift would not have time to take the patient out of the unit and that is why she came in on her day off. I know that her kindness made a difference in the life of one mother and one baby!

As her coworker, she has more than earned my great respect for her as a colleague!

Carrie also went out of her comfort zone to go to OB to help staff for the patient on the day of her c-section. OB was not comfortable managing her stroke and the nursing care this involves. She volunteered to go there to assist the OB nurse in caring for the patient. She then accompanied the patient to CCU after the patient had her baby and continued to care for her to maintain continuity for the patient and her husband.

This demonstrates the dedication and commitment Carrie has for providing high quality patient care.

Congratulate Carrie Vandre