Carrie Rickman

Carrie Rickman

Carrie Rickman, RN

Emergency Departmnet
CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital - Kleberg
Kingsville, Texas
United States

Carrie's coming to work on her scheduled night is more than just clocking in and out - she truly is trying to help the ED grow professionally within our nursing standards. She works diligently to make positive changes by including all the ED staff, she lead the Unit Based Council and Throughput Team here at Kleberg. She has taken on the role of active participant in Pathways to Excellence for our hospital.

In time of need and crunch, she comes to work extra shifts, stays late and does whatever is needed to ensure patient and staff safety. For example, she was here in the ED doing her education courses and the ED was in a bind with staffing and a trauma patient was coming in, she offered her services, stopped her education classes and immediately helped her co-workers.

Recently she had an interaction with a police officer who insisted on speaking to nurses about a recent patient, he was in need of statements. Carrie "Stopped the Line" by telling the police officer that he could not speak with the nursing staff for statements and that there was a correct procedure and he would need to speak with the manager or supervisor.

As noted above, Carrie creates an environment for others to learn, models superior strong decision making skills, collaborates with the health care team to meet patient needs and serves as a role model for the nursing profession and nursing practice.

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