Anna Dennis

Anna Dennis, LPN

Bozeman Deaconess Health Services
Bozeman, Montana
United States

Anna is always going beyond her nursing skills to help other hospital staff. On top of food needs for patients! From Terry in Nutrition

She (Anna) always has a smile on her face, she is GREAT with patients, and she knows everything. She is always helpful and can answer questions. She is the best. From Aileen in Maternity/Newborn.

Several months ago we had a “fresh” cesarean section and the patient requested Anna. She reported that Anna had taken care of her with her last Cesarean birth and that Anna was amazing in caring for her and her infant as well as preparing her to go home. This is a frequent occurrence. From Kimberly in Maternal/Newborn.

Anna has excellent nursing skills, works harder than anyone I know. She has been at BDH for over 20 years. She remembers all her patients from over the years. From Theresa in OB.

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