Ann Sias

Ann Sias, RN

5th Floor Medical Oncology
Jupiter Medical Center
Jupiter, Florida
United States

Ann is one of the many nurses on 5th floor that exemplifies the true meaning of an outstanding role model. She is continually giving of herself, whether in her role as Charge Nurse or on the floor as a staff nurse (Respect). Ann always offers to assist others, even when she herself has a full load on her plate. She has the trust and respect of all her co-workers on and off the unit. She expects no less of others as she does of herself (Integrity). She strives to give the patients on the unit excellent, quality care and expects that others do the same (Excellence). She makes it a point to round on all the patients and ensures that we are meeting all of their needs and if not, she makes sure to correct the situation (Stewardship). When the unit is low on staffing, Ann offers her time off and comes in and works extra shifts in order to help the others on the unit. While working on the floor, she is always checking with the other nurses to see if they need help, if she can assist them in anyway and will take the next admission in order to lessen the load of another nurse that she sees may be overwhelmed (Teamwork). I just recently was made aware of how Ann was out on the unit, mind you she had a load of seven patients herself, checking with the other nurses to see if they needed help administering their medications. She even took on a new admission knowing that she would have to go down an additional hall as her way of assisting the other nurses that were already feeling swamped. Ann’s way of remaining calm and her low-key sense of being always seem to calm and relax the others that she works with. Her professionalism, compassion, giving and respectful ways exemplifies what Jupiter Medical Center is all about – providing excellent, quality and exemplary care to its community.

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