Andrea Daam

Andrea Daam

Andrea Daam, RN

General Surgery Unit
Bronson Methodist Hospital
Kalamazoo, Michigan
United States

During my mother's stay, Andrea took amazing care of my mother. She came into her room just as her shift was ending to say goodbye for the night. She took the time to listen to my mother express her feelings of being overwhelmed and showed great compassion on her. Suddenly my mother went into a seizure and Andrea took immediate action and called for assistance as well. This was only the first day. The second day, my mother was dealing with some urinary issues that were making her life difficult. During the afternoon, Andrea had thought through what she was seeing and came up with a plan to help get my mother out of the attitude of "being a patient" and turn into being more in control of her urinary situation. She devised a goal for her, informed those around her to help her work on her goals as she left for the day. Since that time, my mother has been more confident of not wanting to stay home because of her urinary health, but instead to get out and do and see the things that make life good.

When leaving for the day, I thanked her for her insight, thoughtfulness, thoroughness and attentiveness to patients, at which time she said "oh you're welcome - I love my job."

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