Ahmad Ibrahim

Ahmad Ibrahim, RN

University of Chicago Medicine
Chicago, Illinois
United States

I have been in hospitals at least 3 to 5 times a year for the past 24 years. So to say that I know hospitals and nurses is an understatement. I've had many wonderful nurses throughout the years, but nurse Ahmad has stood above all others. He was the most compassionate and caring nurse that I have ever, EVER had! I was given potassium which if you ever had it you know it burns. Other nurses would push my zofran or dilaudid thru and it would burn because they pushed it fast and they would say oh it will only burn for a minute, but Ahmad would take the time to stop the potassium for a moment and let the saline run thru and when he was sure the potassium was thru he would then give me my other meds so it wouldn't burn, then he would hook up the potassium again at a very slow drip so it wouldn't burn. It's the little things like that that make the difference between a good nurse and a great nurse.

There was something that Ahmad said to me that will always stay with me and I'll never forget him, he said every morning he says a prayer for his patients that they will feel less pain and have a speedy recovery. He is an amazing person. Ahmad is an amazing man. He comforted me with his kind heart and words. I am a better person now having met him. He is that diamond that all employers wish for, he is definitely an asset to your hospital.

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