7th Tower Team at Driscoll Children's Hospital

7th Tower Team

7th Tower Team at Driscoll Children's Hospital

Driscoll Children's Hospital
Corpus Christi, Texas
United States

The mother of a patient, C, called to express her gratitude for the experience she had at our hospital on the 7th Tower. C stayed at Driscoll for 23 days and was discharged home yesterday. She went into great detail regarding the compassion and love she felt at DCH.

His mom said, "We cannot express how thankful we are for our experience at Driscoll. Despite the bad situation we were facing, everyone did everything possible to make us feel comfortable and to take care of us and all of our needs. You all made us feel like we are your family. There are exceptional, kind-hearted people working on the 7th floor. The nurses and everyone who took care of C have hard jobs, the hardest, but they all went above and beyond anything, we could have expected. Throughout our stay, and the times of uncertainty, everyone offered kind words and hugs. All of the staff was friendly and sweet and I cannot tell you how much of a difference it made to experience that compassion during our stay. Even though he cannot talk, everyone talked to him and acknowledged him and showed him that they care. Driscoll is an excellent hospital with excellent people. You all treat children like they are individuals, with such grace and dignity."

She went on to individually acknowledge some staff. She wanted to be sure to recognize Cyndi Ralls. She said, "Cyndi helped calm me during the hard times. She took the time to explain things to me and she showed me so much patience. When I had questions for other doctors, she took the time to relay my questions and get answers for me. She is an outstanding leader who gives it her all."

C’s mom also wanted to give her appreciation for all the doctors, residents and especially Dr. Mathew who she states showed a great amount of kindness and tenderness with her son.

She concluded the call by letting me know how important it is for her that everyone involved in her son's care receives the recognition they deserve. She states C is doing well and is very happy to be home. She sends her love and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.