7B Nursing Team at Mercy Hospital Springfield

7B Nursing Team

7B Nursing Team at Mercy Hospital Springfield

Mercy Hospital Springfield
Springfield, Missouri
United States
Hiwot Alemu, RN; Monica Allen, LPN; Jessica Atchison, RN; Shandi Atteberry, RN; Tammy Barry, RN; Yana Barysheva, LPN; Andrea Bennett; Heather Buchanan, LPN; Paulanne Gilbert, RN; Annette Burns, RN; JoAnn Cook; Chelsey Coyne, RN; Cheryl Day, RN; Wendi Deckard, RN; Samantha Dockweiler; Robert Drazga; Denise Eagon, RN; Sarah Flagg, RN; Anahi Fragoso; Taylor Gatlin, RN; Jens Gehrke, RN; Sherry Heath, RN; Joy Johnson, RN; Anna Kidima; Morgan Lake; Brooke Lester, LPN; Ruth Lynn, RN; Kari Madsen, RN; Dalton McAdoo; Anne Menzies, RN; Rachel Milton, RN; Emily Moore, LPN; Tracy Morton, RN; Shannon Nevins, RN; Olivia Oldham; Brittney Ramos; Tara Rasmussen, RN; Dixie Rice; Larry Richerson, RN; Whittney Rokusek; Beverly Scarlett, RN; Robert Stratton, RN; Nikki Sullins, RN; Kristen Taylor, LPN; Phillip Taylor, LPN; Kaitlyn Thompson; Devonna Townson; Bernetta Williams, RN

Last year, a patient with developmental delays and behavioral issues came into the hospital. He was unable to make his own decisions and had no place to go once he was discharged from the hospital. He was a patient on 7B for almost three months, and during this time frame, he struggled with not only his behavioral issues but the loss of his mother. The 7B team took him in as one of their own, though at times this was very emotionally and physically exhausting. They worked collaboratively with the physician team to make medication modifications and worked with his guardian and the state of Missouri to find long-term placement for him. They bought him personal hygiene items, stuffed animals and other items to help him feel at home.

During his hospitalization, he was an inpatient over the Christmas holiday. This team stepped up and brought him Christmas decorations and gifts. They celebrated Christmas with him, as though he was a part of their family. Through their tireless efforts, compassion and determination, he began to have less and less behavioral outbursts, and subsequently, find his next transition of care. Although during his stay, he lashed out at staff both physically and emotionally, this team continued to treat him with dignity and respect. This team tirelessly works with some of the most difficult and vulnerable patient populations day in and day out. They do this with a smile on their face, caring hands and the determination that these patients will find the best, safest discharge.

As a leadership team for this floor, we are honored to have such hard-working and dedicated co-workers. Watching the work that they do each day makes our job easier. We appreciate each of these individuals and the servant heart they bring to the floor.