6F-CCU Nursing Team at Ben Taub Hospital

6F-CCU Nursing Team

6F-CCU Nursing Team at Ben Taub Hospital

Harris Health System
Houston, Texas
United States
Jacqueline Castro, RN; Christina Stephen, RN; Valerie Echeverry, RN; Bibiana Olewe, RN; Marina De Jesus, RN; Ada Cortez, RN

In all the years I have been a nurse, one day in December, I had an amazing experience. This day I saw how a group of nurses and doctors came together with one goal in mind; to achieve the best outcome for the patient. I was assigned to an 18-year-old female who was in critical condition. Unfortunately, as the morning progressed, she continued to become more unstable.

When my patient coded, there was a line of volunteers, composed of nurses and doctors formed next to the patient ready to give compressions. The line of volunteers waiting to give compressions is atypical during a code; this demonstrated the magnitude of compassion from the healthcare team that day. This was by far the most intense, determined, well organized, and caring code team I have ever experienced. The healthcare team had one goal in mind, which was to do everything we could possibly do to save the life of an 18-year-old mother of a 3-month-old child.

Sadly, her body gave up, despite our efforts. Although the outcome was not what we would have wished for, I believe the care we provided could not have been any better. During this time, the team did an awesome job of providing support not only for each other but also for the family. Not once during this time did anyone leave the family unattended. A lock of hair was taken from the patient and the patient's fingerprints were molded for her daughter. The team ensured that the patient's ring and bible were given back to the husband. We even inquired if the husband would like to take the patient's earrings to give to their daughter. It was an amazing feeling watching so many individuals come together and be able to communicate in a warm and loving manner to assist the family with such dire circumstances. Everyone was on board and ensured that not only the patient and family needs were met, but also that all other patients on the unit were taken care of.