53rd St. Fertility Champions
December 2017
53rd St. Fertility Champions
at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan Kettering Ambulatory Care
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York
United States
Elizabeth Cruz, RN;
Amanda Leung, RN;
Ashley Hehir, RN;
Katie Fox, RN




A group of four outpatient nurses from varying areas of 53rd Street demonstrated an interest in fertility preservation and safe sexual practices for their patient populations. They initiated a collaboration with the MSK fertility nurse specialists to become the 53rd Street Fertility Champions. Their goal was to provide knowledge and instill confidence in their colleagues about fertility and safe sexual practices to ensure they were providing evidence-based quality care to their patients.

They surveyed the 53rd street nurses to assess knowledge and comfort level with the subject matter. They created an evidence-based presentation and held 11 in-services for the staff. The presentation focused on comfort with talking about fertility, knowledge about fertility, awareness of available resources, access to resources, patient education material, and re-education on the importance of how to place a fertility referral.

The Champions conducted a post-survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the in-services. The post-survey showed an increase in both knowledge and comfort in the subject matter. The group plans to hold in-services at 53rd street twice a year moving forward. They recently have presented at the Outpatient Practice council in the hopes of engaging and mentoring other outpatient nurses to become Fertility Champions for their areas.