5 PAV Team at UPMC Passavant

5 PAV Team at UPMC Passavant

UPMC Passavant
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Acker, Michele T.; Adamy, William; Allias, Tami L.; Ament -Ewart, Jennifer Marie; Annarelli, Amanda Caroline; Beal, Rebecca; Birner, Alana E.; Bruder, Jamie Lynn; Cochran, Violet M.; Danilchak, Chaz; Dankmyer, Samantha; Droske, Samantha Jane; Eaton, Alicia C.H; Eberz, Irene Marie; Eden, Virginia L.; Ferrari, Carol Ann; Ghouenzen, Aliyou; Gorman, Emily; Harris, Mary A.; Hertzog, Christine Lynn; Hildebrand, Emily Lorraine; Kellem, Monica E; Kissel, Jeffrey Lawrence; Kuklis, Amanda Elizabeth; Mathews, Kelsie Ann; McBride, Taylor; McClintock, Amanda L.; Melchar, Brian Lowell; Mundackal, Celine Mary Vavachan; Parks, Michelle Lynn; Peretic, Trevor J.; Peterson, Cheryl Lynn; Pierce, Kathleen; Poore, Justin M; Pritchard, Lisa A.; Romano, Aeletha Nicole; Russo, Victoria; Schell, Barbara E.; Schmele, Elizabeth Jane; Schwartz, Ashley; Seserko, Jeanne Frances; Sheaffer, Emily; Smith, Shannon Michele; Tate, Patricia A; Trudeau, Rachael Elisabeth; Truong, Lyly; Tunnell, Megan; Turner, Dawn Rene; Vogt, Caroline Josephine; Voss, Taylor A.; Yost, Callie Rae

I was admitted to Passavant McCandless following a fall on the ice in which I sustained a hip fracture.  From the moment, I was admitted to 5 PAV I knew that I was in excellent hands.

The staff on 5 PAV demonstrated their embodiment of the UPMC mission and values every moment during my stay.  From a Quality and Safety perspective, the staff was extremely responsive in answering my needs timely for toileting, pain management, and other care.  This is amazing considering the number of patients on the unit requiring complete care.  All transfers from the bed were done safely and with an amazing concern of my pain.  There is another aspect of quality that separates this unit from many others: experience.  The majority of the staff has worked on this unit for over 10 years; many of those who are newer nurses either worked on this unit as aides or nurse interns. This speaks volumes to the pride the staff takes in creating a culture of quality.  The experience level alone provides for an exceptionally knowledgeable staff; one that can anticipate patient needs, provide education and motivate the patient to progress.

From a Dignity and Respect perspective, throughout my hospitalization, I felt that I was treated as an individual, not as a number.  I, unfortunately, had repeated needs for urinary catheterizations which is an embarrassing procedure.   The nurses performed this with skill while maintaining my privacy.  The staff never spoke of other patients in my room; thus maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

Caring and Listening was an integral part of the care I received, from the housekeeping staff through to the clinical leaders.  The staff demonstrated a sincere interest in my progress and in managing issues as they arose.  Despite the “busy-ness” of the unit, I felt as if I was their only patient. The ability to do this amidst the challenges of the day is amazing.  I never felt that they rushed me or felt that my needs were not important enough.

The area of Responsibility and Integrity was where this team excelled. It was nursing (Amanda) who assessed my needs for pain management which resulted in a complete overhaul of my medications resulting in significantly improved pain management.  Ginny and Patty intervened with strategies to lessen my hypotensive episodes during bedside PT which was hindering my progress.  Because of their interventions, I was able to leave the room to go to the PT gym which accelerated my progress. MaryAnn provided the “lowdown” on equipment needs and where we might find necessary items that were not covered by insurance. Quality nursing made a difference in my outcomes. Credit also must be given to the unbelievable support staff: the certified patient care technicians (PCT) as well as the unit secretary.  Not once did I hear the words “this is not my job”.  The PCTs share the same level of experience as the nurses. They know orthopedics and how to care for their patients.  To this point, I recognize, Cheryl, Emily, and Monica. The unit secretary was there at the ready providing fresh water at every possible moment.

Possibly the greatest positive of all on this unit is the sense of teamwork that pervades all care! Each staff member has the same goal: quality patient care.  This was evident every moment when RNs performed duties that a PCT could do.  Never did I hear “This is not my job”.  When I was being transferred to CT for testing and to the OR, a cadre of staff came to assist, no questions asked; just there at the ready.

It was my absolute pleasure to be a patient on a unit that truly cares. I tip my hat to the staff and to their leadership as well.  Whatever they have going it absolutely is working!  This unit could serve as a model for others in terms of all the values UPMC sets before them.