3MSB "Dream Team" at Kaiser Permanente Irvine Medical Center
August 2017
3MSB "Dream Team"
at Kaiser Permanente Irvine Medical Center
RNs and More
3MSB Med/Surg
Kaiser Permanente Irvine Medical Center
United States




My mother was treated for hip surgery and received the most incredible nursing and staff support I have seen in many trips to support my parents. Every staff member ensured my mother’s bed side table was accessible. Each person asked if there was anything she needed before exiting the room. They were completely coordinated and responded to medication requests within minutes. They always followed correct handwashing protocols and provided incredibly skilled nursing care. My parents have been Kaiser members for 30+ years, both have experienced numerous hospitalizations. Not only was my mother treated with respect, but I was too. I ended up spending two nights in the hospital room with my mother and the staff was simply incredible. They ensured I had sheets, blankets, towels, etc. and reassured me I was welcome. The 3rd floor Med/Surg/Tele team deserves the highest accolades for their service. This team exemplifies professionalism in hospital care. Thank you.

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Yoonsun Lee, RN

Kenneth Luna, RN

Ma. Mediatrix Bacareza, RN

Hyesook Song, RN

Maninder Brar, RN

Gina Palmares, RN

Jovanie Perez, RN

Martin Zeferino, CNA

Elvira Ansay, CNA

Oswald Licudine, CNA

Jimy Gamboa, CNA

Alejandra Hurtado, CNA

Jimi Manaay, CNA

Ma. Janet Ortizano

Meiji Le, RN

Ron Tumlos, RN

Yusoff Zafra, RN

Esmeraldo Domasig, RN