10C Cancer Care Team at The MetroHealth System

10C Cancer Care Team at The MetroHealth System

10C Cancer Care
The MetroHealth System
Cleveland, Ohio
United States

In May after work, I decided to run some errands. This took me to an area in which I was involved in a terrible accident with a head injury.  Weeks went by before I could make heads or tails of my life and what was actually happening.  When I was told I should apply for disability and I may not be able to return to work as a nurse, it was my worst nightmare.

The staff of 10C Cancer Care, from caregivers to managers supported me with words of encouragement, cards, phone calls, visits, lunches and sick time donation.  Who do you thank?  My therapists, doctors, friends, were also by my side.  In this case, I want to recognize not just one individual for the DAISY Award, but the whole unit, 10C Cancer Care.  It’s been almost a year and my return to work has been slow, but the nurses took me under their wings and guided me back to a functioning nurse again.  I continue to work on my therapy and I ask a lot of questions.  I enjoy being a nurse and I think it’s because of my teammates.

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Whitney Lloyd, RN

Karen Anguilano, RN

Pamela Arensberg, RN

Frank Blumenthaler, RN

Julie Broze, RN

Cindy Grindstaff, RN

Jeanette Hager, RN

Renee Hixon, RN

Erin Kerr, RN

Tracy Kustra, RN

Inna Kolomiyets, RN

Teresa Kresila, RN

Lauren Lewis, RN

Mary Luebke, RN

Alexa Matejka, RN

Lindsey Myslenski, RN

Galina Paramushchuk, RN

Carol Phillips, RN

Meredith Pretz-Anderson, RN

Emily Rihm, RN

Katlin Snyder, RN

Elisabeth Spadaro, RN

Ann Marie Suchy, RN

Agnieszka Twarowski, RN

Camillya Arnold, CCP

Tracey Oneal, CCP

Melissa Owca, CCP

Stephanie Arth, CCP

Crystal Fulford, CCP

Quiana Talley, CCP

Anette Moses, CCP

Cherie Walsh, CCP

Meghan Bremke, NI

Emily Turundzilovic, NI

Terri Jefferies-Deadwyler, US

Ashlee Hart, US

Carol Stevens, US