Christina Johnson

Christina Johnson joined The DAISY Foundation in 2013 and serves as the Regional Program Director for our International Partners. Christina works with hospitals and schools of nursing around the world by providing information, resources, and support to those that are interested in learning more about DAISY or to those that are already DAISY partners organizations.

Christina also manages our software program and behind the scenes IT work. She is passionate about learning new things, and loves this addition to her role.

Previously Christina was a Regional Program Coordinator at The DAISY Foundation. She brings a wealth of experience to her director role. She is a resource to those interested in learning more about our mission and program offerings. She provides guidance, support and best practice ideas to existing DAISY organizations, helping them ensure their program is high quality and meeting their goals.

Christina has over 17 years of experience in customer service based organizations. She believes that work should always serve the head and the heart, which makes DAISY a perfect fit for her.

Christina graduated from The University of Washington and lives with her husband, dog Cedar, and cat Walter. They enjoy movie nights, traveling, and a good glass of wine every now and then.