Psychological Associates

Psychological Associates is a firm of behavioral scientists who apply behavioral science principles to the work place to improve staff performance. Their fifty years of experience has proven that increasing synergy, collaboration, candor, and trust to business practices/strategies leads to better business outcomes. In their health care practice, PA offers a variety of services to create and sustain a healthy work environment, developing leaders “from the bedside to the boardroom.” PA’s health care team members have worked in hospitals for many years as physicians, nurses and administrators.
PA is responsible for the literature review about Meaningful Recognition and a special study on the impact of The DAISY Award, all donated to DAISY to help us understand the impact recognition in general and our program specifically has on nurses’ workplace and commitment to their work and colleagues. Our profound gratitude to Dr. Cindy Lefton, RN, PhD, Rick Breugger, M.A., and Suzanne Kern for their fine work.